As one small way to say "Thank you" to the patrons and friends who enjoyed themselves at Local Color over the years, here is a selection of Garry's favorite recipes!  Just click on the recipe's title to see the recipe.  All recipes are in .pdf format for easy printing.  You will need Adobe Reader® or some other PDF reader to read the recipes.
Ashford Castle Irish Potato Cheese Soup
This is the original recipe that Cristy and Ag Ogh gave us years ago.  They were the traveling husband & wife duo called Four Shillings Short.

Brunswick Stew
A "crowd-size" recipe for all your friends (or for lots of leftovers for you).

Cabbage Casserole
This is one of the most requested recipes we've ever had. It has been published in at least three recipe books over the years.

Chocolate Pudding Cake
This has been our signature dessert for the last eight years or so.

Garry's Cornbread
This is our most requested recipe, hands down!  The secret is the cold skillet; it somehow makes the deep cracks & valleys which make that crust so darn good. Also, Garry does not use any eggs in his bread.  He says the glue properties of plain flour hold it together and makes it more moist. Eggs make the finished product drier. If you don't have plain flour, then use an egg as a binder, but it won't be as moist as it is when made with plain flour and no egg (the man is a chemist when it comes to food combinations!).

Grapes in a Cloud
I remembered having this wonderful fruit salad years ago, but couldn't find it in any recipe book. So, I started asking all the ladies in our church, the Baptist church, and any customers who wandered in if they remembered it as well. I finally scored the recipe, and now I am passing it on for everyone to enjoy!

This recipe was one of our favorite weekday dishes. You can really use any leftovers you have on hand and improvise. The constant ingredient which holds it together is the Apple Cider Vinegar! Works with just about any combination of vegetables and meats.



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